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Marshalltown FASTcap Ratchet Cap Bag Of 50 - FASTCAP

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Marshalltown FASTcap Ratchet Cap 50pcs - FASTCAP

FASTcap Info Sheet

The Patent Pending MARSHALLTOWN FASTcap™ Tiling Leveling System is a new, innovative way to eliminate tile lippage and achieve professional-looking floors in record time. Other tile leveling systems on the market are too time-consuming or require the use of additional tools. At MARSHALLTOWN, we wanted to change that. We optimized the process by designing a tile leveling system that quickly and easily slides into place and tighten down for a level finishing without any extra tools, saving you valuable time. Benefits include:

     • No additional tools required
     • Ratchet Caps are reusable for multiple jobs
     • Unique helix design allows for quickest installation on the market
     • No spinning necessary—remove Ratchet Caps from Spacer Bases with a quick pull
     • Color-coded Spacer Bases available in a variety of sizes


Installation Process

Installing tiles is simple and easy.

FASTcap Instructions

FASTcap Placement Guide

Step 1:

FASTcap usage step 1


Step 2:

FASTcap usage step 2


Step 3:

FASTcap usage step 3


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