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Magnet Master Magnetic Belt Trowel Holder - FSDMM1

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Magnet Master Magnetic Belt Trowel Holder - FSDMM1

Manufactured in the UK from a tough ABS the Magnet Master is ready for a long life on site. By utilising a rigid single piece design you won't have it slapping your leg as you walk or swinging forward as you bend over.Ensuring your trowel is right where you left it! With the Magnet Master also weighing around 220g you won't even notice it on your waist whilst laying.

Designed around a marshalltown 11" philadelphia Trowel this doesn't restrict its use one bit as it will obviously carry everything under size and the overhang from a monster 13" is no inconvenience.

Simply attach to your belt and then you have an easy magnetic holder for your trowel. Genius.

Video Courtesy Of: @richie_maxwell.ig

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