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Other Professional Trowels


  • Marshalltown Archeological Trowel 4½” x 2½” - Wood Handle - MATH45

    Archaeological Trowels

    Archaeology trowels are used to excavate when the space no longer allows for the use of a shovel.

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  • Marshalltown Ceremonial Trowel 10

    Ceremonial Trowels

    Marshalltown ceremonial trowels with laser etched graphics, excellent for retirement gifts.

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  • Marshalltown 6 X 2 1/2 Inside Corner Trowel - 1/2

    Corner Trowels

    Use with concrete or plaster, for finishing decorative details.

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  • Marshalltown Replacement Handle Curved DuraSoft - 1 9/16” Diameter - Finish Trowel Handle - M402D

    Replacement Finishing Trowel Handles

    Replacement handles that will fit/replace wood or durasoft handles for finishing trowels.

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  • Marshalltown Stainless Steel Venetian Plastering Trowel 11” x 3¾” - Wood Handle - MXS11SS

    Venetian Trowels

    Venetian trowels are flexible, durable and perfectly smooth.

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