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Bricklayers Trowels


  • Marshalltown 5 1/2

    Brick Trowel Handles

    Replacement handles and bumper for Marshalltown brick trowels.

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  • Marshalltown Brick Trowel Philadelphia Pattern 10½” x 5½” - Durasoft Handle - M19105D

    Brick Trowels

    Marshalltown brick trowels available in different sizes and handle types.

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  • Marshalltown 7 1/2

    Bucket Trowels

    Wide-bladed tool for scooping mortar from a bucket; it is also good for buttering bricks and smoothing mortar.

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  • Marshalltown 7 X 3 3/8 Gauging Trowel - DuraSoft Handle - M48D

    Gauging Trowels

    Gauging trowels are a round-nosed trowel used for mixing mortar and applying small amounts in confined areas.

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  • Marshalltown Pointing Trowel 4” x 2” - London Pattern - Durasoft Handle - M46114D

    Pointing Trowels

    A smaller version of the brick trowel. Useful for filling in small cavities and repairing crumbling mortar joints.

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  • Marshalltown Tuck Pointer 6½” x ¼” - Durasoft Handle - M503D

    Tuck Pointers

    Used for neatly packing mortar between bricks and blocks when repointing and repairing crumbling mortar in masonry walls.

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