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Masonry Trowels

Marshalltown manufacture both Stainless and Carbon Steel trowels. If you decide the Carbon Steel Trowel is the correct float for your needs, it is essential you take proper care of the tool to prevent rusting.


  • Always wipe down the blade when the trowel is finished with, taking care to remove any moisture.
  • Do not allow plaster to build up on the blade or around the tang.
  • Store the trowel in a dry place when not in use.



  • Marshalltown Brick Trowel Philadelphia Pattern 10½” x 5½” - Durasoft Handle - M19105D

    Brick Trowels

    Marshalltown brick trowels available in different sizes and handle types.

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  • Marshalltown 7 1/2

    Bucket Trowels

    Wide-bladed tool for scooping mortar from a bucket; it is also good for buttering bricks and smoothing mortar.

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Marshalltown Ceremonial Trowel 10

    Ceremonial Trowels

    Marshalltown ceremonial trowels with laser etched graphics, excellent for retirement gifts.

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  • Marshalltown 7 X 3 3/8 Gauging Trowel - DuraSoft Handle - M48D

    Gauging Trowels

    Gauging trowels are a round-nosed trowel used for mixing mortar and applying small amounts in confined areas.

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