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Marshalltown Masonry  Tools


  • Marshalltown 250' Braided Nylon Mason's Line - Orange - M634

    Brick Lines & Line Pins

    Marshalltown line tools for running a line when laying bricks or blocks.

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  • Estwing Bricklayer's Hammer (Smooth) 20 oz - Blue NVG Grip - E320BLC


    Eastwing hammers, the chisel blade can be used to rapidly cut bricks or even cinder blocks.

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  • Marshalltown Aluminum Hawk - DuraSoft Handle 13” x 13” - M1


    Marshalltown hawks are constructed using lightweight and quality materials.

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  • Marshalltown Barrel Jointer with 4 Barrels - MBJ850

    Jointers & Slickers

    These tools run between the building material before the grout is solid to create a desired pattern.

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  • Marshalltown Brick Trowel Philadelphia Pattern 10” x 5” - Durasoft Handle - M1910D

    Masonry Trowels

    A variety of Marshalltown trowels used for masonry type jobs.

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  • Marshalltown 24

    Other Professional Masonry Tools

    Block Carriers, mortar pans & boards, toolbags and knee pads.

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  • Marshalltown 8 1/2 X 3 Joint Raker - M89

    Sled Runners & Joint Rakers

    Sled runners tools are perfect so you can get rounded or V shaped sunken masonry joints.

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