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Marshalltown Concrete Tools


  • Marshalltown 48

    Brooms & Handles

    Broom heads and handles with push fit and threaded sections and adapters.

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  • Marshalltown 48 X 6 1/2 Round Hole Concrete Tamper - MT48

    Concrete Tampers & Combo Screeds

    Concrete Tampers & Combo Screeds for leveling out wet concrete.

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  • Marshalltown Round Ends Multi 24” x 5” - Mount Fresno - Swivel Adapter - MMC24R

    Fresnos, Brackets & Adaptors

    Fresno’s are commonly used after concrete bleeding is complete, and the concrete has almost set.

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  • Marshalltown Square Ended Magnesium Float - DuraSoft Handle 16” x 31/8” - M145D

    Hand Floats

    A hand float is used to level and smooth areas so that they match the rest of the slab.

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  • Marshalltown 48 X 8 Round End Magnesium Bull Float - MB48FR

    Magnesium Bull Floats

    A bull float is used to smooth of a slab, either to pull or push a small amount of concrete to the slab edges.

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  • Marshalltown 24

    Other Professional Concrete Tools

    Marshalltown mixers, tool bags & knee pads.

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  • Marshalltown Pul-Krete with Handle - MCM419

    Placers & Spread Kretes

    Concrete placers are used for receiving and distributing concrete mix.

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  • Marshalltown Magnesium Darby 36” x 3 3/8” - Straight Blade - DuraSoft Handle - M4626D

    Plaster Darbies

    Darbies are used to create a level finish where it would be difficult to level with a hand trowel.

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  • Marshalltown 8 X 4 Stainless Steel 90° Nose Step tool - DuraSoft Handle - M171SSD

    Walking Edgers & Groovers

    Edgers create a neat rounded edge along the slab edge which helps the slab from chipping and damage.

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